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chloe !
06 February 2007 @ 05:46 pm
Icon post! Got into "Roswell" in the meantime. Haha. I know, a little slow, but better late than never, right? =)

And some One Tree Hill and Office ones, as well. Have I mentioned how much I MISS Jake? I miss him dearly, I do. I didn't realize how much, exactly, until I started making icons of him and Peyton. *sigh* Jake. =)

I had a goal for myself. To make 90 icons before the next update. At least. And I was going to do it, too! But then photoshop decided to screw up on me and I got fed up with it and decided.. ehh what the hell. Postage time.

Oh and Trish ( myearthquakes   ), is my amazing amazing buddy! She's where I got those pretty awesome Office clips from. =D

[01-02] David and Emily ("Bones")
[03-04] Gilmore Girls
[05-29] One Tree Hill
[30-70] Roswell
[71-83] The Office




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-Comments are my favorite
-Blanks are not bases
-Ask before any alterations or changes
-Feel free to join/friend the community =D

P.S. I know there are two LJ cut links. But I've been trying to fix it and just screw everything up. And LJ and my computer hate me right now. So you people can deal with it. It's still one load of icons. ;)